RCE Picture Meeting

Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed

• 16 september 2022 van 09:30 - 17:00

The annual Picture Meeting is a platform for discussion and networking for conservators of painted objects, conservation scientists and art historians. The meeting is an opportunity to meet your peers and to share recent developments in thinking and practical approaches in conservation and conservation practice. Anyone involved, including students, in the research and care of painted objects is welcome!

After a very long period of silence, we are pleased to announce the next Picture Meeting.

This hybrid event will take place in Amersfoort and (for the second time) online as well.

Suggestions for the theme are welcomed, long or short presentations, discussion topics, etc. Keep in mind, this meeting is a platform for participants to discuss topics and burning questions regarding the conservation and research of painted objects.

Admission to this event is free after online registration. There is space for a maximum of 100 participants at the location in Amersfoort. Of course you can follow online if you are unable to travel to Amersfoort. Registration will open soon and you will receive a notification by email. Make sure you update your email contacts with this address.


The registration form will be available soon.


The full program will be available soon.

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We hebben zorg genomen om alle rechthebbenden voor hier gereproduceerde foto's te traceren, soms evenwel zonder succes. Iemand die in dit opzicht meent rechten te hebben wordt vriendelijk verzocht om contact op te nemen met de redactie van de Erfgoedstem.