Nieuwe subsidies DutchCulture om band tussen Nederlandse en Europese erfgoedexperts te versterken

DutchCulture Beeld: DutchCulture via Wikiemdia CC0

Naar aanleiding van het succesvolle Europees Jaar van het Cultureel Erfgoed 2018 wil DutchCulture in de periode 2019-2020 een duurzame visie ontwikkelen voor Nederlands-Europees erfgoed. Het doel is om netwerken, kennisuitwisseling en samenwerking tussen Nederlandse en Europese erfgoedpartners, te versterken. Bij deze visie horen onder andere nieuwe subsidies, zoals een reissubsidie voor Nederlandse erfgoedprofessionals en een subsidie voor initiatieven die kennisuitwisseling tussen Nederland en Europa bevorderen.

Origineel bericht van DutchCulture in het Engels:

‘Heritage unites, Europe inspires’- In January 2018, this motto heralded the beginning of the Dutch programme within the European Year of Culture Hertiage The programme has turned out to be successful, with around 350 activities, most of them organised by small and medium-sized organisations.

In the period 2019-2020, DutchCulture is committed to developing a sustainable approach to Dutch-European heritage. The goal is to reinforce networks, knowledge exchange, and cooperation between the Netherlands and other European countries and partners in the field of heritage. DutchCulture aims to encourage, inform and support the Dutch heritage world by fulfilling these objectives.

The activities will build on the knowledge and network developed during the European Year of Cultural Heritage. An important partner in this process is the Erfgoedplatform Plus, of Dutch organisation Kunsten ’92.Tools

  • DutchCulture’s programme coordinator Europe + Heritage, Veysel Yuce, will actively pursue the objectives listed above. He will take on a communicative and supporting role in facilitating (international) expert meetings and exchanges while underlining the European context of heritage. He also connects projects and partners, and identifies trends and opportunities. So, please keep us up to date of your heritage project with and within Europe.
  • DutchCulture offers consultations (adviesgesprekken) to organisations and/or individuals who want to start a European heritage project, offering among other things information about national and international financing options. There is already a number of guides that can help you find the right fund;
    • The Dutch national knowledge institute for culture & digitalisation, DEN, has a great overview of funds that can support digital heritage projects.
    • On de bases of the experience we have with the Shared Cultural Heritage programme, we compile a list of Dutch funds aimed at national and international heritage projects.
    • In collaboration with On the Move, we updated Cultural Mobility Funding Guide. The Cultural Mobility Funding Guide is limited to funding opportunities for cultural mobility, meaning activities with an explicit international component and not only focusing on heritage but also other artdisciplines. 
  • In addition, you can also ask for a consultation from our colleagues at Creative Europe Desk NetherlandsThe EU grant toolkit can help you identify which EU grant would fit your project and which Dutch organisation can provide you more concrete information.
  • DutchCulture organises network and knowledge exchange meetings for the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. The first one is during Europe Day 2019.
  • DutchCulture shares calls and relevant news items on its website and through its social media channels. Please follow our DutchCulture twitter and Facebook channels.
  • Via the Heritage Foreign Visitors Programma,  DutchCulture invites European heritage experts to the Netherlands in order to strengthen their Dutch network and introduce them to Dutch examples and practices in their relevant heritage field.
  • A travel grant is set up specifically for Dutch heritage professionals to strengthen their knowledge exchange and their network within Europe. 80 vouchers of 250 euro are made available. Young heritage professionals, in particular, are encouraged to make use of the scheme. The reports of these visits will be shared on this page. For more information see these documents: Travel Grant scheme Europe + Heritage and Application form Travel Grant Europe + Heritage.
  • There will be a grant scheme for initiatives, projects, meetings and activities that can strengthen the knowledge exchange between the Netherlands and Europe in the field of heritage. Scheme contents 7 grant of 5.000 euro. This scheme is being worked out as we speak.

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